What is a Bespoke Suit?

If you haven’t experienced the luxury and precision of a bespoke suit, it’s time. Unlike traditional suits, which are mass produced and created based on the average body type, a bespoke suit is created just for you. While you might think tailoring your suits would produce the same results, the … [Read More...]

Concierge Service; The Tailor Comes to You

Exceptional Service; The Tailor Comes to You One of the major benefits of establishing a relationship with a custom clothier is that the tailor comes to you at your home or office, bringing with him hundreds of the finest fabrics. Your selections are made, measurements taken and your custom … [Read More...]

Custom Suits for Men and Women

S.W. Wilson Bespoke & Custom Clothier is the leading choice for suits for women and men in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tucson. We were founded in 1911 in Ohio, and our goal has always been and still is to establish a good rapport and personal relationship with each of our customers. S.W. Wilson is a … [Read More...]