The Custom Clothing Experience of Phoenix

Measure / Match
After scheduling an appointment, Steve Wilson, a 4th generation master clothier, will personally come to meet you at the place and time of your preference in Phoenix. Measurements will be taken to painstakingly ensure will be a perfect fit. Next, Steve will help direct you in matching the perfect styles with our hundreds of fabrics from the best mills in Europe.

First Fitting
Our master bespoke tailors here in the United States use your measurements to craft a hand-basted suit, characteristically revealing the bespoke suit’s stitching. After a few weeks, the first fitting will take place. Steve will not any adjustments, which is the second measure in achieving a flawless fit.

Second Fitting
About three weeks later, Steve will meet with you for the second fitting. He will examine every detail of the garment. If any minor adjustments are needed, they will be made locally in a few days. This ensures a perfect fit.

Finished Product
Thanks to our bespoke process, in the final fitting your suit will look and fit like nothing you’ve ever worn.
S.W. Wilson Bespoke:
Convenience, Quality, Perfection

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