Did you catch this year’s Emmys? It’s clear that 2017 tuxedo trends are more than just basic black.

The Emmys proved that men are no longer stuck with basic black tuxedos. 2017 tuxedo trends show tux jackets with prints, plaids and a bit of sparkle, making stiff competition for the ladies.

Tuxedo trends for 2017 were front and center at the Emmys. A lot of guys stuck with a conservative solid black tux with satin trim but the real stars were those who bucked tradition and sported bold colors, patterns or sparkle.

You may not be as brave as Donald Glover who wore a purple Gucci tux, but eyes would turn if you chose any of Scabal’s Festival collection of fabrics that S.W. Wilson offers. Made according to your own measurements and design features, a custom or bespoke tuxedo jacket or full tuxedo will have you looking like the star that you are when you hit Gatsby Sports Grand Prix of Scottsdale weekend events (Nov. 3-5, 2017). Wearing tuxes is encouraged!

2017 Tuxedo Trends Scabal Festival Tuxedos
2017 Tuxedo Trends Scabal Festival Tuxedos Fabric Swatch 852652

If you’re timid about color but want to add pizazz to a black tux, Scabal’s #852652 Black Diamond is a perfect choice. A subtle diamond pattern provides texture in a cotton poly blend that’s wearable all year round.

2017 Tuxedo Trends Scabal #852641 Black Floral Mini print tuxedo

As fall turns into winter, you may want a heavier fabric such as #852641 Black Floral Mini print. It’s 100% velvet—soft and luxurious for a more formal look.

2017 Tuxedo Trends Scabal #852656 Grey Paisley tuxedo

When it comes to shades of grey you can’t go wrong. Appropriate for just about any event whether indoors or out, it conveys a slightly less formal agenda. #852656 Grey Paisley on Black brings a traditional pattern front and center.

2017 Tuxedo Trends Scabal #852663 Grey Medallion print tuxedo

Striking on its own merit is #852663 Grey Medallion print. We love how this simple pattern in a wool/poly blend sends out contemporary vibes.

2017 Tuxedo Trends Scabal #862681 Blue/Green plaid tuxedo

Want something a little different that says you’re up on men’s fashion? Try #862681 Blue/Green plaid. Yes, we said plaid! Wear it as a full tux or just as a jacket. It’s not too bold and will have you standing apart from the crowd.

2017 Tuxedo Trends Scabal #852632 Grey Lurex tuxedo

For the man who is less than subtle, we recommend #852632 Grey Lurex. Lurex, a metallic thread that actually glitters, puts all other competition to rest. It’s dazzling. Worn as a jacket with black tux pants, it makes an amazing statement.

2017 Tuxedo Trends Scabal #852637 Maroon Lurex tuxedo

Scabal may not have 50 shades of grey to offer, but it does have Lurex available in other colors. #852637 Maroon Lurex is a 90% wool/10% Lurex fabric that reminds us of fall’s leaves changing colors—perfect for a fall outdoor garden wedding.

2017 Tuxedo Trends Scabal #852635 Cobalt Blue Lurex tuxedo

Have you decided to step it up a notch and go for broke? Choose #852635 Cobalt Blue Lurex. Made with 100% wool Lurex, it commands attention at any formal venue with its bright color and sparkles galore.


Styling your garment to suit your taste is one of the best parts of purchasing bespoke and custom clothing. We’ll advise you as to the latest fashion and what’s practical for you. Shirt collars and cuffs, where to place monograms if you want them, types of pant pockets, belt loops, pleats and cuffs or not. Jackets can be styled with vents and all sorts of pockets, inside and out. You can even have a cell phone pocket—perfect for today’s world of technology.
Your personal clothier will take over 30 measurements to ensure the best possible fit. Book an appointment today!

Content courtesy of Scabal Fall Lookbook 2017

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