High temps have arrived early so it’s time to sort your summer wardrobe. Choosing clothing in the right fabrics and colors, along with a few basic accessories can make you look and feel comfortable without stretching your budget.

8 Summer Wardrobe Essentials To keep you feeling cool and looking stylish

Tee Shirts

Every guy loves his solid tee shirts, especially when there are so many colors from which to choose. Poly/cotton textured pastels and bright bold colors are great for running errands or that bar & grill on the beach. Go for v-necks rather than crew necks—they’re much cooler plus they show off your tan!

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White Long Sleeve Button Down

Speaking of buttons, summer wouldn’t be complete without button down shirts. You’ll need at least one or two white long-sleeve shirts for business attire but the good thing is you most likely have them in your closet. Fabrics such as broadcloth or cotton pinpoints are easily worn all year round with white on white adding a bit more pizazz. Just ditch the jacket and roll up the sleeves at the end of the workday! And if you hit the bar after work… be sure to read our tips on cleaning dress shirts.

Short Sleeve Button Down

Tailored dress shirts, not oversized short sleeve button down shirts, are a classy addition to your casual wardrobe. Soft linens and poplins come in airy pastels such as mint green, lilac and pink (yes, pink!). Splurge on one silk shirt with a fabulous print that says you’re ready to party.  But whatever you do, DO NOT wear a short sleeve dress shirt with a suit. Read more common dress-shirt mistakes.

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Put away the heavy jeans and bring out those that are lighter in both weight and color. When it’s just too darn hot to wear jeans, grab your chinos for casual wear. Linen blends in shades of tan are breathable fabrics that keep you cool and are appropriate for both casual and dress.

Lucky for most of us, the skinny fad is on the way out so we can look forward to a more relaxed pant with a slightly wider leg that’s cropped just above the ankle.

JCrew Men's Chino Short Summer Wardrobe Essentials

Khaki Shorts

You may be married to your cargo shorts but for the well-dressed man, tailored khaki shorts are an absolute must. Worn just above the knee, they should have no more than two pockets. Add either a button-down or polo shirt for a much neater look with clean lines.

Men’s Suits and Sport Coats

The relaxed fit carries through to suits and sport coats with broader shoulders for more comfort and mobility, but it still needs to actually fit and not look sloppy. Tailor made suits and jacket assure a perfect fit with a wider selection of fabrics, patterns and designs personalized for you.

Lightweight fabrics such as tropical wools, frescos, linen and linen/silk blends dictate the price but they are more affordable than you think! Choose a solid sport coat to compliment patterned shirts and both casual and dress pants. For the office, have a lighter colored suit in a subtle pattern then go for shades of gray or blue for special occasions.
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We’ve got to start with shoes. Boat shoes, off-white sneakers and loafer-style shoes in both tans and colors are staples for summer (along with sandals and flip flops, of course). Worn without socks is a fashionable look, but know that your feet will get a bit sweaty. No-show socks will solve the problem. If you’re not quite ready for the bare leg look, have unlined chukkas ready with a fun pair of socks.

When it comes to belts and watches this summer, canvas is the way to go. Lightweight canvas belts are durable, colorful and often patterned so they can add a pop to your outfit. Don’t forget canvas straps for your summer watch! No clunky links to weigh you down or burn your wrist while out in the hot Arizona sun!
Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses Summer Wardrobe Essentials SW Wilson Custom Clothiers Phoenix AZ
Lastly, don’t forget the shades. Classic aviators never go out of style but a slightly oversized look is in this summer. Frames of metal, acetate or a combination of both offer styles to suit your taste. Just know that metal frames require a little more care when slipping them on and off.




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