For Conor McGregor, it’s apparent that Bespoke suits are the pinnacle of success.

Dublin based Conor McGregor picked up a welfare check for €180 (roughly $235) before taking his flight to Sweden for his UFC debut in February 2013. Interestingly enough, that same night, he picked up a $60,000 bonus for earning fight of the night. “Just last week I was collecting the social welfare,” McGregor said at the post-fight news conference. “I was in there saying to them, ‘I don’t know what’s going to happen. I’m signed to the UFC. I don’t know what’s going to happen.”

Fast forward 2 years…

If you have ever watched a Conor McGregor interview, the first thing you’ll notice is that he is almost always wearing a suit.

Conor McGregor in BespokeHe recently talked about his love for his custom Bespoke suits, “these suits are exclusively tailored for just me. I love the color and it’s not too flashy. I try to keep it low key.” He goes on to say that he has been working with his tailor of about a year now and that he couldn’t be happier with the custom suits and clothing that have been produced.  It’s interesting to note that, while he characterizes his Bespoke suits as “low key”, he is often wearing brightly colored suits with boldly patterned silk linings that complement the exterior color, reflecting his very bold personality.  He can be seen wearing the most expensive designer sunglasses and gold watches to complement his beautiful made Bespoke  suits.

McGregor was a coach on this year’s Ultimate Fighting Challenge.  A weekly show designed to train and weed out fighters.  The winner receives a contract with the UFC.  Most amusing, during the show, was that Conor showed up dressed to the nines for every competitive fight, in which he was coaching.  He is so well known for this behavior that his team went out to a second hand store and picked up dress shirts, sport coats, sunglasses and hats and showed up to watch the week’s fight looking pretty dandy.  What began as a joke, soon became a regular habit for them.

For Conor McGregor, it’s apparent that Bespoke suits are the pinnacle of success. He finds them both comfortable, due to their custom fit, beautiful in appearance, because of the use of high quality fabrics of your choosing and appreciates the finest hand sewn custom details.

Perhaps it’s time you expanded your wardrobe to include investing in Bespoke suits for yourself.

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