Are cuffed pants in style for 2018? The trend is slowing coming our way but we’ve got a few tips to consider before jumping on the bandwagon.

Suit cuffed pants are starting to trend in 2018 but not everyone should wear them.

European designers are sending more and more cuffed pants our way in 2018 but this trend may not be right for you.  Your body type will determine whether or not you can pull this look off successfully.

Originally designed to protect pant bottoms from fraying, cuffs gained popularity in the U.S. early in the 1900’s. Considered a sign of quality because of the extra workmanship involved, suit pant cuffs indicated not merely high style but also wealth and refinedness. There was just one problem that continues to plaque us today:

Cuffed pants don’t look great on everyone.

If you’re tall and slim—go for it!

Having no cuffs tends to elongate the legs visually so you certainly don’t need any additional height. Skinny pants are giving way to those with wider legs but keep the cuffs sharply creased and barely touching the top of the shoe. In other words, keep the pant lines smooth and don’t allow a pant break.

Are you tall but not so slim?

You can get away with cuffs and a medium break in the length of your pants, especially with heavier fabrics. The cuffs add extra weight to the bottom of the pants so the fabric drapes nicely.

Carrying a few extra pounds?

You may have put on a few extra (or maybe a lot) pounds since your youth. You definitely need that extra room in your pants and that spells “pleats.” Cuffs are generally considered okay with double pleats but wearing them with single pleats or plain front pants is a definite no-no.

If you’re on the shorter side:

You want your legs to appear longer, so stay away from cuffs.

Fortunately, with the 80’s trend of loose, more comfortable clothing coming back, younger guys who are more fashion forward will add pleats and cuffs to both their business and casual wardrobes. Slim jeans will take a backseat to wider cropped pants that have cuffs hitting just to the top of a boot in winter and just above the ankle going into spring and summer.

Find the right suit for your body type.




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