Double breasted suits originally were worn by older, more conservative men back in the 1920’s.

Today it’s quite a different story. Double breasted coats are worn by younger professionals to exude confidence and style, sending a message that they can tackle anything.

Double Breasted SuitI met with a new client the other day and one of the things he wanted to know was if double breasted suits and sport coats were in. They seem to be popping up in all the menswear publications, so I think they’re on the cusp of hitting the market in a big way.

Unlike the front of a single breasted coat with two or three buttons, the left side of a double breasted coat has extra fabric which folds over that on the right side. It must be kept buttoned to look proper so two columns of symmetrical sets of buttons are incorporated into the design. Check out our rules for buttoning suit jackets.

The most popular arrangement of buttons is known as “6 by 2.”  The top two buttons do not button but the bottom two on the right side do. Other arrangements include the “4 by 2” or the “2 by 1.”  

Another difference is that the lapels of a double breasted coat are peaked, not notched and wider than the 2½” or 3½” usually found on a single breasted model.   

Typically, a double breasted coat is a style that’s best suited for the average or taller man with broad shoulders. Having a trim frame helps too!

This is not to say that a man short in stature has to give up all hope of enjoying this latest style. With the proper fit, a “4 by 2” could look great!

No matter what type of frame you have, when buying a double breasted coat the important thing is to get the correct fit. That’s where I come in. As your personal custom clothier I ensure your garment will fit according to your measurements.

You’ll be the trend setter sending a message.   


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