Are pleats in style? This year they are. In 2018, men’s fashion trends lean towards loose, more comfortable clothing and that includes pants with wider legs and pleats.

Get ready for comfort! Relaxed pleated pants are in style for 2018.

If you think pleated pants are a blast from the past, you’re wrong! Heading our way from Paris are relaxed pleated trousers that even appeal to the younger man.

Plain front pants have always been the go-to style for the younger set or those lucky enough to have a slim or near perfect frame. Add tapered or skinny legs without cuffs and you’ve created super straight lines worthy of the runway.

For those of us who are not runway ready or just feel uncomfortable wearing plain front pants, this year’s single and double pleated pants will have us all looking fashion forward.

About Pleats

Pleats are the folds of extra material on the pant’s front. They come in single and double versions.

  • A single pleat is well suited for that slim, near perfectly built young guy who’s a bit hesitant to leave his plain front pants behind for one night.
  • A double pleat consists of a main pleat that forms a long crease flanked by a second short pleat that allows the main pleat to stay closed.

Pleats aren’t just a design feature—the extra material allows for better mobility without looking baggy. Less stress on the pant seams allows you to actually sit down comfortably. Plus, pant pockets won’t bulge when filled with personal items.

You’ll be seeing more cuffs on pleated pants too. But not everyone should wear them! Click here to see if cuffs are meant for you.




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