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Seasonal Spotlight: Fall Fabrics | S.W. Wilson Custom Clothiers

4 Staple Fall Fabrics

As the season shifts, it’s time to stack your wardrobe with all of the beautiful fall fabrics. Here’s a quick list of four important fall fabrics:

cashmere fall fabric mens fall fashion


Cashmere is always a great choice for days where you want to layer up – it’s a thin and delicate material that can easily fit under a light jacket. Although it’s only a few millimeters thick, cashmere has great insulation properties because of how dense it is. A nice cashmere sweater can keep a man warm on the coldest days!

flannel fabric men's fashion fall fabrics


Flannel is the most festive fall fabric of them all, typically coming in a multitude of color combinations and signature plaid styles. This durable wool fabric is weaved into a fine garment that is meant to keep you warm. Shirts, trousers, suits and more are made with flannel!

suede fall fabric men's fashion


Suede is a classic fall fabric that brings a timeless, smooth texture to any outfit. It is made from the underside of animal hide, which creates that brushed touch it has. The most popular clothing pieces that are made out of this fabric include jackets and shoes. You have to be careful with suede, however, because it is less durable than the other leathers – make sure you use water protectant on your suede fabrics before stepping out!

corduroy jacket picture fall fabric men's fashion


Corduroy has been around for a long time, and seems to always be welcomed back in to fall fashion year after year. Cord material is made out of cotton and has textured twists that run vertically along the fabric. This gives it a soft appearance, although it is a durable fabric. Corduroy can be worn as pants, jackets, shirts, hats, you name it! That’s what makes it such a staple fall fabric in any man’s wardrobe.



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