Can you believe it? The fanny pack is coming back and it’s not just for women. Practicality with style is the name of the game, but it takes a truly confident man to make this fashion statement happen.

The fanny pack of the 80’s is trending again and believe us, it’s not what you think.

Say goodbye to a boring, strictly utilitarian look and “Hello” to an accessory that makes a true fashion statement.

The idea of a hands-free bag to hold personal items is nothing new.

In fact it has been around since ancient times. Primitive tools, medicinal herbs and eventually money fit nicely into small pouches made from animal skins or leather. Hung from rope belts, they were easily accessible.

By the 1800’s the pouch had evolved into the modern day pocket. The pouch never died—it morphed into the fanny pack, a practical bag with a waist strap. Now, a lot of people weren’t crazy about a bag bouncing around on their bum and it didn’t have much to it other than a zipper closure.

The fanny pack didn’t catch on until the 80’s and 90’s when designers saw an opportunity to dress it up as a true accessory.

They introduced outer pockets and durable, lightweight nylon in a range of colors. Leather and a shoulder strap worn cross-body provided a rugged look for the man who was confident in his fashion sense.

Today the fanny pack, thankfully referred to as a man bag, man belt, or hip pack nowadays—comes in a variety of patterns including plaids and camouflage prints that can be paired with a sport coat and jeans or dress shirt and slacks. Some bare designer logos—if that appeals to you. Different styles, shapes, and sizes plus the ability to wear them in front, back, or on the side only adds to its versatility.

Practicality with style is the name of the game. Whether running on the trail or merely heading out the door, you may want to consider one to hold your keys, cell phone and I.D.

The question is, “Are you man enough to wear one?”

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