Finding the right hat for your face shape is easy. Just look in the mirror!

We’re in the home stretch as far as Arizona’s scorching heat and are ready to switch our summer hats to those more appropriate for fall. You may not be a Pharrell Williams who can pull off outrageous and classic looks alike but, if you choose the right hat for your face shape you’ll be rocking great style.


If the length and width of your face measurements are pretty much the same, count yourself a member of this group. Your features are symmetrical with a wide forehead, cheeks and round chin so the idea is to make your face appear slimmer. Think angles with asymmetrical shaped hats to offset the roundness of your face.

  • Skip tall rounded crowns, wide brims, floppy hats, beanies and berets.
  • Go with a newsboy that’s a bit fashion forward or flat cap in neutral grey, tweed, or hounds tooth. Either can be worn with or without outerwear. As the day warms up, it can be rolled up to fit inside a pocket.
  • Fedoras with brims that snap up or down provide nice contrast to the shape of your face.


You really can’t mistake this one—that square jawbone stands out against wide cheekbones and a wide forehead. The distance from cheek to cheek and forehead to chin is almost the same. Soften these features with hats that have rounded brims and rounded crowns to create height.

  • Skip angular styles except for fedoras with a center crease down the crown
  • Try newsboys and flat caps. If heading up north, wool beanies will provide the most warmth plus they cover your ears.


If your face is longer than it is wide and your chin is rounded, you have an oblong shaped face. You don’t want to add any more length to your face. In fact, you want to “cut” some off and make your forehead appear less noticeable.

  • Skip brims that are narrow and flat and crowns that are tall and not fitted.
  • Go for fedoras with wide brims that can be worn up in back and down in front to trim the size of your forehead.
  • Try a military beret—making a comeback this year due to worldwide current events. Pulled down and fit across the head, it visibly shortens the forehead area.
  • Bucket hats, floppy brimmed hats, and Outback styles along with our cowboy hats are good choices, especially when worn with a slight tilt.


Picture an egg. If the length of your face is roughly 1½ times greater than the width of your face, count yourself lucky. Being oval-shaped is near perfect! You can wear practically any style hat you choose so go for it!

A hat is one your most practical accessories.

It’s stylish, provides protection from summer sun and winter’s cold, and can visually change the shape of your face. There are styles for business attire and those for casual outings. Color coordinate with your suit or coat or go bold to contrast neutral outerwear such as camel, navy or black.

It’s all up to you. Now that you have hats figured out, learn how to choose the right suit for your body type.




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