Travel Packing Tips for those heading home for the holidays.

Fighting the airport crowds during the holidays can get your trip off to a rough start. Check-in lines are long, patience is short and there are so many bags to tag! If you’re only going for a few days, you can literally get away with just a carry-on. You won’t have the baggage fee typical of most airlines plus you can skip baggage claim.

Holiday travel packing tips- people on gateway in airport

Holiday Travel Packing Tips

Knowing what to take and how to pack it makes all the difference.


  • Each airline has its own strict requirements concerning carry-on luggage—the maximum measurements being 21-22.” Nothing like arriving at the gate and discovering your bag is too large!
  • Should you go hard or soft? Hard-sided bags have a solid shell that often snaps rather than zips shut. It’s extremely durable but also heavy to lift into overhead bins. Soft-sided bags have zippers and are much lighter in weight. Usually they have outside pockets—great for last minute items. They have a capacity to expand but don’t overstuff or the zipper may break.
  • Consider 2 wheels rather than 4. We know how much fun it is to swivel a bag around in any direction but you may end up chasing it down the ramp! Two wheels stay in place better and go up and down curbs more easily.


  • You’ll have 2 actual travel days so plan to wear or carry your bulky overcoat, sport jacket or sweater.
  • Jeans are comfortable to wear, don’t wrinkle and are heavier to pack than dress or casual slacks so you might as well wear them on the plane.
  • Headed straight to a business meeting first? Wear your suit and dress shoes. You can always carefully place your suit coat on top of your carry on in the overhead bin.
  • If your destination includes snow and cold weather, throw on a scarf and wear your boots instead of letting them take up valuable real estate in your bag. If sun and surf is more your style, pack the sandals and wear those size 12 sneakers.
  • Personal items such as business papers, laptops and other electronic devices should be carried separately in a briefcase or shoulder bag and stored at your feet—easy to access and keep an eye on.


  • Seriously, did you wear everything you brought on that last trip? Probably not. All you really need in addition to your travel clothes are 2 dress shirts, 2 casual shirts, 1 casual pant, 1 sweater, 2 ties, 1 belt, socks and undies. It’s okay to wear pants more than once but don’t wear suit pants as a separate. They’ll wear out faster than the suit coat.
  • Pare down your list by choosing one color then coordinate both casual and dress articles accordingly! Create multiple outfits to mix and match.
  • To prevent wrinkles, roll or fold clothing flat. To fold a suit, first match pant leg creases, fold pant in half then half again. Fold suit coat in half lengthwise by matching shoulders. Place folded pant inside lower part of coat then fold coat over pants. Place inside plastic or dry cleaning bag.
  • Stuff the toes of your shoes with socks. It not only saves room but also maintains the shape of your shoes.
  • Lastly, leave room for the obligatory toiletry baggy. You’ll want to throw it inside once you’ve gotten through security.

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