The Suit Makes the Man: Tips For Getting The right Fit

While most men aren’t required to wear a suit to work each day, every man should own at least one that fits perfectly, is timeless in style, and is ready to go at a moment’s notice (clean, pressed, and neatly hung in his closet). In fact, a good suit should be the foundation of every man’s wardrobe. But finding the right suit can be tricky (and daunting). How should a suit fit? What suit styles would work best for you? Here, we’ll answer those questions and help you to look your best.


There are three main types of suits: single-breasted, double-breasted, and dinner. However, each type has many different options for lapels, pockets, and trouser pleats. The best thing to do is consult with a professional tailor to create a suit that reflects your personality, style, and needs.


The Shoulder
Stand up straight, but in a relaxed, natural position. Does the shoulder of the suit lie flat? If it doesn’t fit just right, it will appear lumpy or wrinkled.

The Seat
The back of the trousers should smoothly drape over your rear. If the pants sag, they’re too big and, if they have horizontal wrinkles, they’re too tight.

The Trouser Break
The pant break is where your pant leg meets your shoe. Specifically, there should be a small “wrinkle” where your shoe stops your trouser cuff from falling to its full length.

Jacket Closure
When standing, a suit jacket should be buttoned (and unbuttoned before sitting). Thus, the button should close without strain. Read our suit buttoning rules.

Jacket Sleeve-Length
A good rule of thumb is that half an inch of your dress shirt should be able to be seen under the sleeve. It should never hide the dress shirt.

Jacket Length
A good jacket will fall just past the waist and drape over the curve formed by the buttocks. As with every other fit, it should be smooth and free of wrinkles (unless it’s at the trouser break) and lumps.

Jacket Collar
The collar should rest against the collar of the dress shirt, comfortably sitting against the back of your neck. Often, a bad collar fit is caused by a bad shoulder fit, so be aware.

Don’t forget the vent styles. Learn more about Jacket Vents.

A good custom or bespoke suit is a staple piece in any wardrobe. Additionally, it can help make a good first impression on a job interview, show awareness of personal style, maturity, self-respect, and confidence, and attract positive attention. So, what does your suit say about you? Follow these tips, you’ll find the perfect suit that speaks to you and is as unique as you are.

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