It’s important to understand the key to a great outfit, no matter how dressed up or casual your look is. And it all starts with being thoughtful when you pick out the heart of your outfit: the dress shirt. Men’s custom dress shirts come in a variety of styles and patterns for every occasion. Here’s a rundown on how to pick the right custom dress shirt patterns.

Solid Dress Shirts

Solid colored dress shirts are the foundation of professional-wear, especially a classic white or light blue. A fresh, solid-colored dress shirt is a must-have and, like our White Superfine Twill (pictured left) or our French Blue Broadcloth (pictured right), they will have you looking clean cut and ready to talk business. They are also the perfect for a corporate job interview.

White Superfine Twill $310 solid Custom Dress Shirt
French Blue Broadcloth solid Custom Dress Shirt


The striped shirt is an easy pattern that can come in a multitude of different color combinations. A simpler color palate and thinner lines means a dressier looking outfit. Plus, there’s a huge benefit to wearing a striped shirt: stripes are slimming! Check out our Blue Satin Dobby Stripe (left) and our Classic Blue Stripe (right).

Blue Satin Dobby Stripe Custom Dress Shirt $360
Classic Blue Stripe Custom Dress Shirt $225

Checkered Custom Dress Shirts

Check shirts are a more casual style compared to a solid or a stripe, and will give your outfit the flare it needs. Opt for a more relaxed appearance at a weekend event with our Pink Graph Check (left) or our Lavender Twill Check (right).

Pink graph Check Custom Dress Shirt $265
Lavender Twill Check Custom Dress Shirts $265

Print Custom Dress Shirts

If you really want to show your true colors and wow the room, try custom dress shirt patterns in Skulls (left) or the Indigo Koi Print (right). Whether it’s skulls, pineapples, or polka dots, a printed shirt can be a great conversation starter and compliment a bold personality! Try wearing one at a work party to really get everyone talking!

skulls with helmets custom dress shirt patterns
Indigo Koi print custom dress shirt

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