Quit complaining about your body shape and embrace it! You can change neither your waistline location nor the length of your legs. We’ve got tips on how to dress for your body type so you can choose clothes to flatter your unique shape.

How To Dress For your body Shape

It’s all about body proportion and creating illusions. We all would love to have a killer body that’s perfectly proportioned but most of us just aren’t that lucky. So, recognize what you’ve been given then use the following tips on how to dress for your body type as guidelines.

Short legs

  • Elongate short or chunky legs by wearing skirts and dresses that come just above the knee. Petite bottoms are made specifically for women 5’4” and under but they’re great if you’re a bit taller, have a long waist and short legs.
  • Keep high rise pants dark in color with similarly colored heels or chunky shoes—eye-popping shoes are hard to resist but they’ll only draw more attention to your legs.
  • Draw the eye upward with tucked in printed tops and those with vertical patterns. Stay away from horizontal stripes—you want to appear taller, not wider!

Long legs

  • Lucky you! Your legs are plenty long so you can wear low-heeled shoes with light colored bottoms and dark tops.
  • Low-rise pants will lengthen your waist to help keep your body in proportion.
  • Untucked tops and jackets should fall to the hip or slightly below to draw attention away from legs that appear too long.

Rectangular build

  • Tall, thin and missing curves and a waistline? Tops with texture add volume to a small bust.
  • Belted tops and dresses help define the waist while short skirts and skinny pants show off your legs.

Athletic build

  • Look like a swimmer with wide shoulders and narrow hips? Define that lost waistline with fitted tops and jackets.
  • Focus away from the shoulders and balance the lower half of your body by wearing wide pant legs. Don’t be afraid to go with a more colorful palette.


  • Curves galore and you’ve got them! Show them off by belting the waist or wearing more fitted garments.
  • Whether you’re full figured or petite, you’ve probably got a bust that’s the envy of most women. Wear v-neck necklines that are more appropriate for the workplace rather than one that is plunging and provocative.

Pears and apples

  • You’re the gal who is pear shaped—small shoulders and large hips. Your challenge is to draw the eye away from your bottom half. Tops with v-necks, blouses with decorative elements such as ruffles or plackets and eye-popping jewelry will go far to accomplish your goal.
  • Slightly flared or straight leg pants and heels will give your legs the right amount of volume to offset your generous bottom half. Skinny pants will make them look like toothpicks!
  • Apple shaped best describes the woman who is top heavy with a large tummy but well endowed with a big bust. Baggy, oversized clothes may be comfortable but they tend to look sloppy. Cover the tummy area with tops that have patterns to provide camouflage. Show off your cleavage with v-necks.
  • Full skirts, wide legged pants and empire waist dresses are for you with jackets fitted at the shoulder and worn open to accommodate your midriff.

No matter what your body shape is you owe it to yourself to wear well fitting clothes that show off your best attributes, not your worst. SW Wilson makes custom clothing for women that will fit you perfectly, whatever body type you have! Book an appointment today!




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