What does business casual mean for men?

Business casual has always been an ambiguous term, sparking unnecessary outfit-anxiety when used to describe the appropriate attire for an interview or event. By definition, business-casual is a style of clothing that is less formal that traditional business or office-wear (like a suit and tie), but still gives off a businesslike and professional impression. That still leaves a lot up for interpretation, huh? A simple rule of thumb for dressing business casual: focus more on the “business”, than the “casual”. Which means no Hawaiian T-shirts.

A Guide To Business-Casual Attire For Men

Here’s a quick list of DO’s and DON’Ts to help get a better grasp on how to dress business casual.

DO Wear   🙂

  • tailored blazer or a sport coat
  • tight-fitting sweater, cardigan, or sweater vest over a collared shirt is perfect business casual attire
  • long-sleeved, cotton button down shirt
  • dark denim, trousers (chinos, khakis, or corduroys will do!) or dress slacks
  • dress shoes
  • tie, casual wristwatch or pocket square to spice things up!

DON’T wear:  🙁

  • A dressy suit jacket is not meant for business casual
  • Baggy sweater
  • Polo shirts
  • Shorts
  • Light wash jeans, baggy jeans or any type of athletic pants
  • Sneakers or sandals

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