How to Dress in ARIZONA this Winter

Whether you’re on vacation, a snowbird or get to enjoy Arizona’s weather year round, you’ll want to know how to dress during the winter season. Sunshine is plentiful but don’t be fooled—desert air gets chilly in a flash! Layering your clothing is definitely the way to go no matter what part of the state you’re in.

How to Dress in Phoenix in Winter- man wearing purple sport coat outdoors

How to Dress in Phoenix this winter

Valley of the Sun

Phoenix is the hub of the state with its central location, national headquarters for major corporations and luxurious resorts. Winter temps average mid 40’s to high 60’s or even 70 but it’s not uncommon to encounter a few mornings in the 30’s with frost.

  • Business attire means a slightly heavier weight suit or sport coat with a scarf to keep you warm for those morning walks to meetings. By mid-afternoon you’ll be able to carry your suit coat home.
  • If your workplace is more casual, go for khakis, a dress shirt and a lightweight sweater layered with a leather jacket. Now is the chance to wear chukkas or low-cut leather boots that friends back East take for granted.
  • If work isn’t on the agenda and you’re getting a late start, a light pair of pants and a casual, long sleeved shirt will do.
  • Nightlife is booming with bars, restaurants with outdoor patios, musical events and tons of shops. Nice jeans or poplin pants, patterned shirts and comfortable shoes such as loafers are appropriate for any of these venues. Sport coats add a bit of class plus they’re practical for the dropping temperatures.
How to Dress in Flagstaff in Winter- man wearing puffer jacket

How to dress in Flagstaff in Winter

High Country

Flagstaff is just over 2 hours north of Phoenix, but what a difference! Temps get in the teens with highs in the 40’s and low 50’s and snow falls as early as October through the end of April. It’s a skier’s paradise and great escape for those who are bored with the Valley’s milder climate.

  • “Flag” as we locals call it, is a college town so expect casual clothing to be the norm. Plaid flannel shirts over short or long sleeved tees are abundant along with heavier pants like denim, cords or flannel-lined khakis.
  • Puffer vests and jackets along with short and long wool coats are a necessity.
  • Skip the fashion boot and choose one that’s higher, lined and waterproof.
  • Grab a knit hat or one that is western-style with a wide brim as protection from the wind.
  • Sedona and the Grand Canyon are not far away, offering invigorating hikes with breath-taking views. Bring a backpack to stow your layers as you peel them off throughout the day.

No matter where you are in our beautiful state, don’t forget the sunglasses and sunscreen. Just because it’s winter don’t think you can’t get burned.

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