Your team may have lost early in March Madness but sports inspired menswear wins big this spring. Look for comfortable, extra roomy clothing with loads of vertical stripes.

Men’s Fashion Inspired by March Madness

Our March Madness bracket was ruined in Round 1 but one thing we know is that sports inspired menswear is a real winner for Spring 2018.

Leisurewear that’s super comfortable and extra roomy has a definite active wear vibe in both silhouette and design. One bonus of loose clothing is that it allows the gender gap to become closer. Oversized coats, longer shirts and more utilitarian fashion tend to hide those features of your body that are, shall we say, less than perfect.

Say goodbye to skinny pants

Hello to lightweight trousers that are almost baggy and have pleats and cuffs. Bleached jeans from the 80’s are back in style and look fabulous when cuffs are rolled. Paired with graphic tees or deep cut V-necks says you’re a part of this spring’s fashion trend.

The biggest influence of sports this season is the vertical stripe.

As a tuxedo stripe on the outside pant leg it looks like an upscale athletic pant but fabric and pocket choices make it practical for casual attire. They’ll even make you appear taller! These are best worn with a slim-fitting shirt so the outfit doesn’t look like a jog suit.

Umpire stripes tend to be wide and bold but don’t discount stripes that are narrow. As shirts in bright or pastel colors they add life to bottoms with muted colors of khaki and grey. You’ll also find stripes as trim for varsity jackets, cardigans and V-neck sweaters.

There’s also a choice of fabric finishes to add pizazz to your wardrobe.

Ultra light polyester offers matte and opaque finishes while jacquard patterns and marbling have textured looks—even on sneakers! Speaking of shoes, notice there are plenty of two-tone styles available.

No matter who wins the Championship Game, you’ll look like a champ in your sports inspired outfit.




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