Thinking of ordering custom made clothing online? Think again!

Measuring yourself for a suit is a bad idea

The Internet is jammed with made-to-measure sites saying that measuring yourself for a suit or custom dress shirt is easy and reliable. What they fail to mention is that up to 40% of clothing measured by customers doesn’t actually fit.

Online shoppers may be enticed by lower prices and the convenience of shopping from their desk, but if the end result doesn’t meet their expectations and it’s a hassle to return them, what good is it?

Unless you’re unusually lucky…

The only way to truly achieve the correct fit for custom clothing is not by measuring yourself, but having an experienced custom clothier take your measurements. He can correctly identify your body type, knows the proper way to hold a tape and how specific areas of the body should be measured. For instance there is a different way the tape should be held when taking a waist measurement than a chest measurement and an exact place the tape should be placed for a shoulder-to-shoulder measurements.

SW Wilson Custom Clothiers bring the shopping to you.

We’re pros when it comes to measuring and helping you select the best fabric and design elements—there are so many choices it can be overwhelming! We’ll provide you with excellent customer service and you can still shop from the comfort of your own home. We’ll come to you in your home or office for bespokecustom suit and dress shirt fittings and then personally deliver the finished garment. It doesn’t get any better than that!

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