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S.W. Wilson Bespoke Suits in Phoenix, AZ are immediately recognizable due to their exquisite craftsmanship and perfect fit that flatters any size or shape. Bespoke is a luxury reserved for the most discerning man who demands the highest quality fabrics and the finest hand sewn custom details.

Luxury Bespoke Suits

Bespoke tailoring is considered an art form using the highest level of construction available.

The term Bespoke originated in the world-renowned Savile Row of London, referring to a multi-stage measuring process. Bespoke refers to making clothing from scratch, one at a time, hand-sewn by a custom tailor. Our personal clothier will take your bespoke measurements then send them off to be hand-crafted by our tailors in New York City.

Regardless of your body shape, our luxury bespoke suits will fit, feel and look better than any suit you’ve worn before.

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A true bespoke suit combines modern sewing techniques along with the art of hand stitching. Since stress areas such as side seams and sleeves are subject to extra tension, modern sewing machinery provides superior support.  The remainder of the garment including the collar, armholes, and coat bottom is then hand sewn along with any details chosen by the client

We Measure

Once you schedule your appointment, a clothier will come to your home or office at your convenience to take your measurements. Taking measurements is the most important part of the process and requires time, accuracy and experience. Thirty measurements, including some you least expect, ensure your final garment will be an excellent fit.

You Design

Hundreds of options are available to make the bespoke suit uniquely yours. With the help of your personal clothier, you will design your bespoke suit with all the features you desire. Select pockets for a pen or cell phone, pants with or without pleats or cuffs, buttonhole thread colors, color styles, etc… Whatever the style or fabric you desire, it can be made. All of our bespoke suits are crafted to your specifications for the look you want with a perfect fit.


Approximately three weeks after your measurements were taken, a basted “try-on” version of your suit will arrive. Your personal tailor will arrange a fitting and make any necessary adjustments for fit or style that you desire. The suit will then be returned to the master tailors for completion.


Approximately three weeks later, your bespoke suit will be ready for you to try on. A final bespoke suit fitting will be scheduled with any minor alterations taken care of by your personal clothier.

We Deliver

Depending on the adjustments needed from your final fitting,  the completed bespoke suit will then be delivered clean, pressed and ready to wear in a matter of days and you will have discovered the luxury of Bespoke.

Don’t Settle For Less


S.W. Wilson Bespoke Clothiers has been providing the highest quality men’s bespoke clothing since 1911. Our master clothier has over 45 years experience measuring and guiding clients in their selection of bespoke suits and custom shirts. And we do it all in the comfort of your home or office.


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