Before I became a personal clothier I worked in my family’s men’s and women’s clothing store in Ohio. One of our male associates always wore short sleeve dress shirts, even in the wintertime. I believe this is one of the worst men’s fashion mistakes one can make and It drove me crazy!

Dress Shirts- Avoid these common Men’s Fashion Mistakes

Short sleeve dress shirts should never be worn with a suit or sport coat and slacks. Once the jacket is removed, so is any shred of a crisp, classy, professional look. Imagine a vest or pants with suspenders paired with a short sleeve dress shirt and a tie. If you want to be taken seriously in the business world, don’t do it.

Speaking of ties, skinny ties are great for casual occasions but wider ties are more appropriate for the office. Be sure the back of the shirt collar covers them completely. Also, a tie should not be made of the same material as the shirt. It should be darker than the shirt and complement, not contrast it so drastically that you don’t even notice the suit! While you’re at it, make the knot a size that fits the collar’s spread.

Collars come in not only different spreads but also styles. If button-down is your choice save it for daytime. It’s less formal and should never be worn for dressy affairs.

It’s all about length when it comes to sleeves and shirttails. Sleeves that show more than ¼ to ½ inch below the suit sleeve look ill fitting. Tails are made long enough to tuck inside pants and that’s where they should stay. Not tucking them in for casual wear is fine but you’ll want a tailor to shorten the back so comes mid-way down your backside. Otherwise it will look more like an old-fashioned nightshirt.

Lastly, if your casual shirts consist of dress shirts worn with the top button or two undone, only wear white V-neck tee shirts underneath. Colored crew neck tees are a NO.

~Steve Wilson, CEO Master Clothier




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