Men’s Scarf Season is here!

It’s time to add a little warmth and style to your fall and winter wardrobe, it’s men’s scarf season. The scarf is a versatile accessory that runs the gamut in both fabric and price points and never gets boring because there are several ways to wear a men’s scarf.

Scarves became really popular during both World Wars—think Snoopy and the Red Baron. Fighter pilots wore them not just for warmth but also to protect their necks from chafing while they scanned the horizon for enemy planes.

Most men today rely on scarves for fashion and warmth. Knits, wools, fine cashmeres and blends are woven into scarves that average 70” long by 10” wide. Most are trimmed in fringe and super soft to the touch, especially when it comes to cashmere.

Although solids remain a staple, scarves are plentiful in herringbones, wide stripes, and all sizes of checks and plaids. It’s how you wear it that really tells the story.

4 Ways to tie a Men’s Scarf


Man in blue coat with light grey knit men's scarf draped around neckHANG LOOSE

The easiest way to wear a scarf is to simply drape it around the back of your neck and allow both ends to hang evenly on your chest. No knot—just a classic look that shows off your fashion sense, even if it’s more for looks than warmth.


Man in blue suit wearing men's scarf wrapped around neck onceONCE AROUND THE BLOCK

This one’s also pretty easy and on the casual side. Drape the ends of a medium length scarf around the back of your neck but make one hang longer than the other on your chest. Wrap the longer end once around your neck so both ends rest on your chest or throw the longer end over the back of the opposite shoulder.
Facing bitter cold? Use a long scarf to go around the block again.


Man in check suit wearing silk ascot men's scarfOFF TO THE RACES

The look of an ascot isn’t just for watching thoroughbreds. When tucked inside a sport coat or outerwear it conveys a dapper look. Simply drape your scarf around the back of your neck with both ends hanging evenly. Draw one end over then under the other as if tying a knot. Adjust at the top to make it as loose or tight as you prefer.

Man in brown suit wearing plaid men's scarf tied in Parisian knotALL IN KNOTS

One of the more popular ways to wear a scarf is known as the “Parisian.” Using a long scarf, bring the ends together then wrap the folded scarf around your neck. Pull both loose ends through the opening created by the fold and adjust.

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