What is the difference between off the rack suits and custom suits? It is more than just a price tag! Here’s what you should know:

Off the Rack Suits

An “off the rack” garment, often called “ready-wear,” is literally just that—a finished article of clothing to grab off a rack at a department store or menswear shop. It is mass manufactured in standardized sizing meant to fit the average guy. If you’re not exactly “average,” you’ll be lucky to find one that fits perfectly, let alone in the fabric and style you want.

Plan to shell out extra cash for alterations.

Major ones will add up quickly! Don’t get us wrong—off the rack can look great, fit pretty well and is easy on the wallet but don’t let the price fool you. Even with a trusted brand, the material and construction is simply not on the same level as custom made goods. Quality can become a real issue, especially if you wear a suit often. If you only wear a suit once in a while, ready-wear may be a good solution but perhaps not the best solution.

Custom Suits

Although both off the rack and custom suits are machine stitched, that’s where the similarity ends. Sure, it costs a bit more but you get much more bang for your buck. The manufacturer will cut a paper pattern according to your own measurements so there’s no need to worry about standardized sizing for your body type. You can expect minor alterations, if any, and they’re included in the price.

You’ll have the expertise of an experienced custom clothier

A custom clothier knows how to measure properly and guide you to select the material, fabric weight and texture that you desire. When it comes to style and design, you get to personalize it with whatever features you want—seriously! Lapels, type of pockets, vents, even the color thread for buttons and pic stitching! You name it—it can be done! The end result is a well constructed, better fitting, more comfortable garment that is custom made to show off your sense of fashion. It generally wears longer than off the rack clothing so even if you need only one suit, why not make it one that will last?

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