Everyone is talking about the Oscars 2017 mix-up. How could you not after watching multiple, heart-felt acceptance speeches from the unaware cast of La La Land? Tragic.
However, even that couldn’t overshadow the buzz about all the gorgeous gowns… but what about those tuxedos?

The tuxedos this year were incredible. We’ve never seen so many possible candidates for best-dressed men on the red carpet. From The Rock’s velvet navy jacket to Ryan Gosling’s velvet shawl lapel and ruffled dress shirt, Oscars 2017 delivered the best tuxedos on the red carpet. You can achieve your own award-winning look by knowing what tuxedo style accents are available.

Oscars 2017 Tuxedo Styles

Traditional black tuxedos with white shirts reigned supreme at the Oscars. Host Jimmy Kimmel cranked it up a notch by adding black studs and a vest.

Not everyone took the traditional route. Jamie Dornan wore ivory with matching trim while David Oyelowo chose white with a black shawl collar. Ryan Gosling went vintage in a ruffled dress shirt and Moonlight’s Mahershala Ali went monochromatic, pairing a black shirt with a patterned black jacket and black bowtie.

Several stars stood out wearing blue velvet jackets. You’ve got to admit—Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Samuel Jackson looked badass, just like some of the roles they have played.

Tuxedo Trim & Accessories

Trim makes the tux. Whether satin or grosgrain it dresses up the jacket—especially a light colored one—as the eye is immediately drawn to it. Classy bowties in a butterfly shape usually match the lapel facing although Ryan Secrest’s maroon bowtie bucked the rule. Size has no limit, as evident by John Legend’s big floppy bowtie.

Oscars 2017 Best Tuxedos Pharrell Williams, Ryan Secrest, john legend

Few cummerbunds and pocket squares made an appearance. Pharrell Williams wore a cummerbund but it was hardly noticeable due to the boutonniere, extremely wide notch collar and chain necklaces. As for pocket squares, you couldn’t help but notice Mahershala Ali’s houndstooth pocket square. Now that’s the way to show off your style.

What to know about Tuxedo Lapel Collar Styles

Lapel widths range from narrow to wide, generally 2 ¼ – 4 ½ inches. Narrow lapels look superb on those with slim body types. They also create a taller appearance—great for the shorter man. The man who has a larger frame can handle wider lapels.
Three basic styles of lapel collars dictate the formality of the occasion.

Peak lapels, with points going upward, are the most traditional and formal of the three. They tend to make shoulders look broad and the waist look narrow.

Notch lapels, with points going outward, are not nearly as formal. Just look in your closet! Most of your suits have notch lapels. Having a custom made tux allows you to place the notch high to extend the vertical lines of the trim or low to broaden the chest area.

Shawl collars have a curved edge all the way around with no points at all. This dinner jacket look is sleek, modern and classy. It’s appropriate for most body types unless you’re on the hefty side—it will only make you appear more round.

Choose the right Jacket Vents and Dress Shirt Styles to match then finishing off your look with a custom monogram.

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