Your next business trip demands you look your best but sometimes your dress shirts aren’t in the best of shape when you arrive. Your hotel room may have a steam iron for touchups but frankly, shouldn’t you be using your time to prepare for your meeting?

Folding a dress shirt to keep wrinkles at a minimum isn’t difficult at all.

Buttoning the shirt and keeping the side seams straight is the key. This step-by-step slideshow we found at He Spoke Style  makes it super easy!

We like to place dress shirts in plastic to hold their shape and keep them wrinkle-free once folded. No need for fancy packing cubes or bags—plastic bags from the grocery or dry cleaner’s will work just as well.

Space is always a consideration—there never seems to be enough! Dress shirts, along with bulky items such as pants and sweaters, should always be folded flat, not rolled military style. Save rolling for t-shirts, undies and knits.

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