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What to Pack for Beach Getaways | S.W. Wilson Custom Clothiers

How to Pack For Beach Getaways

It’s always a great time to escape reality and hit the beach for a few days! Here’s some tips on how to pack for beach getaways.


Picking a fabric:

When packing for beach vacations, it’s important to pay attention to fabrics. Light, breathable fabrics that have natural fibers and encourage circulation are best in this case. Linen, merino wool, rayon, silk and cotton, seersucker and chambray are all fabrics to look for. Fabrics that are not breathable and that should be avoided include nylon, polyester and acrylic.

Bring out the colors:

You can dress smart AND look snappy if you are strategic about your color choices when you pack for beach getaways. Light colors reflect the sun and divert the heat from your body, so opt to be colorful for more comfort! Try bright and light colors like yellow, tan, light blue, salmon, heather grey, pale pink and cream.linen shirt pack for warm getaways

Our selection of Gambert linen shirts (pictured right) come in many different colors and are perfect choice to pack for beach getaways for a put-together look. These shirts are lightweight and have a great texture – perfect for an evening by the ocean.


Pack it up:

The best way to pack a dress shirt is buttoning up the shirt and keeping the side seams straight. We like to place folded dress shirts in plastic bags to hold their shape, while keeping them wrinkle-free! Dress shirts, along with bulkier items like pants and sweaters, should never be rolled! Fold these items flat, and save the rolling for t-shirts and knits. For more tips on how to pack for travel, check out our How to Pack for Travel blog.

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