Before you try an online clothing service you should know the difference between a personal stylist and a personal clothier. A personal clothier offers style advice like a personal stylist, but also provides custom tailored clothing made specifically for you with fabrics that you cannot find in a store. It’s not about choosing from a bunch of ready made clothing, it’s about making something exactly the way you want it that looks better than anything you can buy off-the-rack.

USA Today recently had a great article by Jennifer Jolly entitled “Fashion on Demand.” It compared several online subscription clothing services in which you answer questions about your size, shape, style and budget and they send you an appropriate assortment of clothing for consideration. Sounds great…in theory.

Ms. Jolly’s conclusion? “It takes time, effort and a bit of money up front to find the right clothing service “fit” for you.” “Fit” seems to be the operative word. Did the service deliver on the style you wanted and even more importantly, did the clothes actually fit? In most cases it was hit or miss, although the service in which she had a one-to-one conversation (via text) with a real person was deemed the most successful. No surprise there!

A custom clothier is so much more than a personal stylist—online or in person.

He’s not just someone who takes a look in your closet and tells you what to throw out and what to keep. Sure, personal stylists and clothiers alike advise you on wardrobe basics, coordinate what you already have and might tell you what you need to add. But, a custom clothier is creating the look you want that is tailor made to fit your particular shape.


Personal clothier measuring client for men's suit

S.W.Wilson is a family business that has been fitting men for over 100 years!  We take up to 30 measurements to insure you get a true, custom-fitting garment that’s comfortable and accentuates the best parts of your body.


As for fabric choices and styles, the possibilities are endless. Your personal clothier is right there to answer questions, discuss your clothing needs and guide you to style a garment that has all of the design features you would like. If you like a style that is not particularly flattering for your body type, he’ll be honest and tell you! Do you know your body type?

A good personal clothier is cognizant of your budget as well. Fabric choices often dictate price points so he’ll steer you towards practical solutions such as fabrics that are suitable for year round wear.

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Most of all, your personal clothier delivers service.

You’re a busy person who doesn’t want the hassle of shopping at a store so, he comes to you at your home or office! We admit, delivery time for custom clothing does take longer than most online services but it’s definitely worth it. You are guaranteed satisfaction, get exactly what you wanted with the perfect fit.

We want you to be confident and look your best whether dressed in casual or business attire. Book an appointment today!




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