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Skin Care Tips for Cooler Weather | S.W. Wilson Custom Clothiers

Cold Weather Skin Care Tips for Men

Don’t want dull skin during the fall and winter seasons? Here are some skin care tips to protect yourself from the elements of cold weather when you venture outside the Valley of Sun!

Drink Water

When the weather starts to cool down and all we want are delicious lattes and warm tea, we often forget about one of the most important skin care tips: drink water. It’s easy to worry less about staying hydrated when you aren’t sweating under the sun all day, so we are here to remind you to hydrate! Good skin starts with H2O.

Wear SPF

Sunscreen is for all four seasons! Although you may not feel (or see) the sun on cooler, overcast days, UV rays are still hitting you! It’s important to at least protect your face with a decent sunscreen year round.


Exfoliating is an essential step in a skin care routine and should be done once or twice a week. If you have dry skin in the winter, a good scrub will remove dead skin cells and promote new cell growth. Exfoliating keeps your skin looking smooth, healthy and youthful!


Moisturizing comes after the exfoliating! A good moisturizer will protect your skin from drying up and cracking. It’s important to find a moisturizer that works best with your skin type. Water-based lotions are the best for oily or sensitive skins, while normal or dry skin can handle alcohol-based lotions.

Facial Hair Care

If you’re rockin’ the beard trend, it’s important to take care proper care of it as the weather changes! After washing your beard with a beard shampoo, use beard oil to help reduce dry skin and keep your whiskers moisturized.





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