If you think skin care regiments are reserved for women, guess again. Today’s active lifestyle of sweaty workouts and outdoor activities, make skin care a must for men. Men want to look as young as they feel so here are some easy skin care tips to follow.

4 Skin Care Tips For Men

Choose Liquid Soap

Bar soaps are easy to grab and don’t take up much space but they’re not so good for your face. Most contain sodium sulfate, a harsh ingredient with a high pH level that dries out the natural oils and water in your skin. If your face feels “tight” after washing, it is because it’s dehydrated! Instead of that glowing, youthful look you desire, you’ll end up with dry or rough skin.

Liquid face and body soaps are now the way to go when it comes to skin care—they are milder with a pH balance that is lower and more closely aliened to that of your skin. Not only do plastic dispensers make them convenient to take to the gym, they lessen the chance of bacteria growing as it might on a bar of soap.

If you still like the feel of a bar of soap in your hand, first check the label for harsh ingredients. Choose one with a moisturizing additive such as shea butter. Next, use a soap dish that allows excess water to drain away—far less germs. Finally, save the anti-bacterial soap for your pits and feet only. The rest of your body deserves pampering with a gentle cleanser.


It’s time to add this word to your vocabulary! Adding a weekly scrub to your routine will remove dead skin cells, reduce ingrown hairs, unclog pores and promote new skin cell growth. Look for a product that contains glycolic acid or salicylic acid so it won’t dry out your skin.


Now that your skin is soft and clean, protect it by using a moisturizer that’s right for your skin type. Water-based lotions are best for oily or sensitive skin while normal or dry skin can handle alcohol-based lotions.

Apply Sunscreen

Moisturizing daily is really important but don’t forget sunscreen in the summer. You’ll still get a tan while keeping wrinkles at bay. And if your hair is not as thick as it used to be…Be sure to apply lotion to any bald spots on your head!

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