4 Tips For Wearing a Sport Coat with Jeans

You’ve seen the look—wearing a sport coat with jeans. It’s not for everyone but we, for one, think it’s a trend that’s here to stay. Of course, it helps if you know how to pull it off successfully.

NO SUIT COATS ALLOWED Never wear a suit coat with jeans! It’s way too formal and meant to be worn only with matching slacks.

ADD CONTRAST If the occasion is somewhat dressy, go with a contrasting colored silk or linen sport coat. Plaids, either bold or muted, or blazers can work well too. Add a button down shirt with or without the proper tie and you’re good to go.

NO BAGGY BOTTOMS Wearing a sport coat with jeans is all about fit. Baggy jeans just don’t work so put them away and opt for a dark colored, comfortable trim-fitting jean that’s in good condition and not skin tight. Custom-made jeans are always an option if you’re difficult to fit.

KEEP IT SOFT The fit continues with the jacket. Trim is “in” but it should be roomy enough to carry a cell phone and glasses discretely without bulges. Stay away from wide shoulders and go for soft shoulder construction. You want the coat to look as comfortable as it feels.

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