College football season has finally arrived in Arizona and you’re ready to support your favorite team! Jerseys and sweatshirts sporting school colors are fine to wear if you work in a casual environment, but what if you don’t? Here at S.W. Wilson Bespoke we’ve got a full line of men’s suits in game day colors that stay within your company’s dress code.

Arizona College Spirit: Suits in Game Day Colors


Let’s head up north to Northern Arizona University.

The logo colors are navy, sage (for Ponderosa Pine) and white but “True Blue” and gold were adopted for athletic uniforms, giving mascot Louie the Lumberjack a bold, new look.


Suits in Game Day Colors Scabal Londoner fabric Bright blue suit

Scabal’s #753293 is a true blue square check suit from its Londoner collection. Made of 100% wool, this Super 140s is perfect for year round wear and has an intricate pattern that sets it apart from ordinary solid fabrics.

Suits in Game Day Colors Gladson’s gold sport coat bamboo fabric

Gladson’s #320684 gold sport coat is a soft and silky 100% bamboo fabric. It’s got some texture, is lightweight and breathable—perfect for fall days before winter weather kicks in.

The Phoenix area is a mecca for colleges and universities but let’s concentrate on just the two big ones—Arizona State and Grand Canyon University.

ASU’s Sparky the Sun Devil was inspired by the desert’s dust devils whipping across the open prairie.

Traditional burgundy and gold were chosen to represent sunshine, gold treasure and hope. Black and white were added later to better accent the ASU logo.

Suits in Game Day Colors Gladson’s maroon sport coat bamboo fabric

Gladson’s #320681 Maroon sport coat is the sister to its gold bamboo sport coat. Because it is lightweight, it really is ideal for those last days of summer and early fall when temps still hover around 100 degrees.


Suits in Game Day Colors grey windowpane with burgundy and black accents is offered by Loro Piana’s Jackets collection

This grey windowpane #647032 with burgundy and black accents is offered by Loro Piana’s Jackets collection. As a 100% Superfine wool, its durability and weight is perfect for year round wear.


Grand Canyon University’s school mascot and colors have quite an interesting history.

Originally founded in Prescott, officials almost chose the donkey to represent the familiar pack animal used to transport supplies as well as visitors to the Grand Canyon. Thunder the Antelope got the role for his grace and speed plus, “Can’t steal our thunder” makes a really good chant.

Colors were originally maroon and gold but when the school moved to Phoenix in 1951 they obviously had a conflict with ASU. Students took a vote and chose purple and white to represent Christ’s royalty and divinity. Black and grey were later added as accent colors.

Suits in Game Day Colors Rosenthal’s Biella Regal Collection Purple Sport Coat SW Wilson Bespoke

Rosenthal’s Biella #102-31003 Purple sport coat, from our Regal Collection, is the epitome of the Lopes school spirit outfit. You might think this 100% linen fabric is strictly for spring and summer but how can you not wear it on game day? And, it pairs well with black cargos or jeans after hours.



Suits in Game Day Colors Scabal Triumph fabric Grey with a subtle purple stripe suit

Scabal’s #752984 is a Super 140s suit from its Triumph collection. Grey with a subtle purple stripe, this 90% wool/10% cashmere fabric is the best of the best. Elegant, sophisticated and soft to the touch, it’s an understated way to support your team.



Heading towards the border we’re in U of A country.

Arizona wildcats brought live bobcats to their games for years before introducing Wilbur and Wilma Wildcat, costumed characters that were much less dangerous and more fun. As for colors, the original sage green and silver to represent desert sagebrush and silver mining gave way to Cardinal Red and Navy Blue with black as an accent color.


Suits in Game Day Colors Scabal Galaxy fabric navy plaid with red suit

Get the office talking with #704454 from Scabal’s Galaxy collection. This navy plaid suit with red accent is 100% wool Super 100s with threads woven tightly for durability.



Suits in Game Day Colors Scabal Galaxy fabric navy tone on tone teardrop suit

Fabric #704461 is a beautiful tone-on-tone suit from Scabal’s Galaxy collection. Available in navy, it is 100% wool and Super 110s with a contemporary teardrop pattern.



The Ohio State University Buckeyes

Okay…next up we are heading across the country because we cannot have a college game day post that does not include our home state of Ohio.

From Ohio State Buckeyes Football Traditions “Ohio State’s official school colors since 1878, Scarlet and Gray were chosen by a group of three students in a lecture room in University Hall because “it was a pleasing combination…and had not been adopted by any other college,” noted selection committee member Alice Townshend Wing.

So the story isn’t exactly one for the books! We still love our scarlet and grey!

Suits in Game Day Colors Gladson Ltd. fabric scarlet and grey windowpane jacket for The Ohio State Suit

For a sharp combo of both scarlet and gray, we recommend the Snowflake IX jacket #320703-B. This Grey with Red Window Pane jacket by Gladson Ltd is 95% Super 130’s wool blended with 5% cashmere. It is lightweight, perfect for the mild Phoenix weather.



Suits in Game Day Colors Gladson Ltd. fabric grey jacket for The Ohio State Blazer

If you’re more into solids you can mix and match, the Bamboo Jacketing line from Gladson Ltd. is perfect. Pair the grey blazer #320683 with a red scarf or tie and you’re ready for game day at the office. It is lightweight, crafted from 100% bamboo and made in Italy.



To complete your outfit, accessorize with a shirt and tie that pick up one of the team’s accent colors. Better yet, order a tie that displays the school logo or team mascot. Corny? Maybe. But, if you’re the avid fan that we think you are you won’t be shy on game day, even at work.




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