If you think wool is just for winter, think again! Lightweight 100% wool is a summer suit fabric choice that should definitely be considered. Here’s why:

Wool as a summer suit fabric?

Choosing wool as your summer suit fabric is not as crazy as you think! Unlike synthetics, natural fabrics have a loose weave to allow air to circulate better through the fibers and “breathe.” Sure, all-cottons such as poplin and seersucker are lightweight but they tend to lose their shape with both increased humidity and wear. And, those noticeable sweat stains will take longer to dry.

Linen is known for its coarse texture, basket weave pattern and casual vibes. Sweat marks dry more quickly but linen has one serious problem—it wrinkles rather badly. Just know that by the end of the day you may look as if you’ve pulled an all-nighter!

Scabal's Obsession wool summer suit fabric from SW Wilson Custom Clothiers in Phoenix AZ

So what’s the big deal about 100% wool?

Unlike heavy wools, “tropical” wools range from 8-10 oz. per yard. Even more lightweight are “fresco” fabrics. Highly twisted threads reduce the weight of the fabric yet give it strength, making it more durable than cotton or linen.

This summer suit fabric may not be as see-through as linen but still allows for good airflow to keep you cool.
There are two big advantages to wearing wool in warm weather. One is that is doesn’t wrinkle! It drapes so well that you can get away without a lining for structure. Creases stay crisp for clean lines, making it appear a bit less casual. It’s super comfortable and will easily carry you through a day at the office into after hour activities. The other advantage is that is packs well for those business trips or quick getaways.

Lightweight fabrics like 100% wool can come at price but the benefits are well worth it. Our finest fabric houses provide superb quality for a long lasting garment and offer subtle checks, glen plaids and windowpanes along with a variety of lighter colored solids to suit any taste and the quality .

Our personal clothiers COME TO YOU when and where you want. They will help you select the perfect pattern that’s custom made just for you. Schedule an appointment today!




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