Sweater Style Guide & Care Tips

As fall fashion approaches us, it’s time to pull out those sweaters. From cardigans to crew necks, there is always a sweater style guide that can be followed.

Like any garment, a sweater should fit you properly. And it can be obvious when a specific sweater style isn’t made for your body type. The sleeves should meet the base of your thumb, the shoulder seam should sit where your shoulder bone ends, and the hem of the sweater should fall right at your waistband or a little below. If you’re going for a clean look, the body of your sweater should never be too baggy, as to where it billows at the hem.

Types of Sweaters Styles

The cardigan is a great and versatile sweater style. Because it is buttoned in the front, it can be worn open or closed.This makes it an all-season garment!

A crewneck sweater is among one of the most popular sweater styles today. It is a pullover sweater that is commonly worn over a collared shirt.

v-neck sweater is very similar to the crewneck sweater, but instead of a rounded neckline, the neck has a v-shape. This allows room for both a collared shirt and a tie underneath – a dressier look for the office!

Turtlenecks make for a snazzy outfit, featuring a close-fitting and high collar that covers some or all of the neck. This sweater style is best paired with denim or under a blazer for casual Friday.

The half-zip has a high collar that is opened and closed with a short zipper. The half-zip opts for a modern look that is best for the weekends!

Do’s and Don’ts for Men’s Sweater

Once you own the perfect fall sweater, there are some rules that are important to follow:

Never hang your sweater

That will cause stretching of the material and possibly leave hanger marks, especially on wool, cashmere and angora sweaters. It’s always best to fold your sweaters and stash them in a drawer!

Minimize how often you wash your sweaters.

The less washing, the less wear-and-tear!
Also, pay attention to the washing and drying instructions on the label of each sweater. Depending on the material, there could be special instructions. A general rule of thumb is to stay away from putting your sweaters in the dryer, and instead, dry them flat.

Avoid pulling at or clipping loose threads!

This could unwind a part of your sweater and lead to further damage. Try to pull the thread back through the sweater and tying a knot.

Don’t wear a visible t-shirt underneath your sweater.

This will make your outfit appear messy or too casual.

Sometimes pilling is unavoidable

But don’t get discouraged and get rid of a nice sweater because of it. Look into purchasing a clothes razor or sweater stone, and your sweaters will look good as new!




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