Some women know how rock power suits. Here are a few celebrities that have this skill and do it with ease!


Martha Stewart: Although we can all agree pin strips aren’t her best look, Martha has admitted she wore power suits when her company went public and became an instant billionaire. She claims her favorite suite was “a really beautiful silver Hermès suit with a skirt.”

Donna Karan:  “As a female designer, I believe in the power of women. For Donna’s fall 1992 collection, she had designed all these pinstripe power suits with stretch lace underpinnings. There was something about that certain look that said, “I’m strong and I’m feminine. Power dressing means the woman comes first and foremost.

Ivanka Trump: Many of us are very familiar with Ivanka as she helps her father hire and fire people on the hit show “The Apprentice.” My favorite power suit moment was probably every moment of my childhood watching my mother go to the office in the early ’90s. “The power suit has actually sort of a retro feel to it. I think it could be worn by somebody young with a lot of confidence in a very fresh way today.”

Janie Bryant: HBO’s hit series Deadwood and Mad men have two things in common. Janie Bryant. She won best costume Design for both hit Series in 2005 and 2007. Bryant also tells us, how she is totally obsessed with menswear for women. “Look at Bianca Jagger. She was married in practically the ultimate power suit, if you think about it. Wearing any kind of menswear-inspired garment for women, there’s a feeling of control when you wear that.”

Patti Hansen: I’ve been holding on to my Claude Montana green leather jacket, since the ’70s, and just yesterday I put it in a pile to share with someone else. I’m not going to wear it! What’s it doing sitting in my closet all these years? Hansen was just 16 when a modeling agent discovered her while selling hot dogs at her father’s stand. She has appeared on the Covers and pages of  Seventeen, American VogueCosmopolitanGlamour, and Harper’s Bazaar





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