You’ve snagged a casual job interview with a company in which casual attire is worn every day, not just on Fridays. Your first challenge is to figure out what to wear to the interview. It takes less than a few seconds for that first impression to take hold so don’t screw it up before you’ve even sat down!

5 Tips: What to Wear to a Casual Job Interview

Check out the company dress code before you head out to your casual job interview! Is it business casual or jeans and t-shirts? If it’s business casual, you can go ahead and grab a suit or sport coat and not be considered overdressed. If the atmosphere is a creative agency where everyone is in jeans and a t-shirt, opt for business casual and leave the suit at home. Regardless of the atmosphere, your clothes should be cleaned and pressed.

Stick with the basics
Wear khakis or tailored pants but definitely not jeans, even if they’re your best pair. If the atmosphere’s super casual, you’ll be able to wear them once you’re hired.

Shirts with collars
A button-down shirt or a collared knit shirt is a definite must. If the position is a managerial one, go for a long sleeve dress shirt with a tie. It says you’re serious and understand your role as a leader.

Sweaters and coats
If weather dictates additional layers, forego fancy patterned sweaters and choose a solid colored crew neck instead—it’s got just the right amount of style and class. Casual sport coats are better suited for positions that are not entry level.

Shoes and socks
Look your best from top to bottom by wearing leather shoes. Polished loafers or ankle slip-on boots, not chukkas or boat shoes, are preferable with calf-high socks. You don’t want your bare leg to show when your legs are crossed!




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