Whether entering the corporate world for the first time or just moving up the ladder, you want your job interview to be as successful as possible. First impressions actually do begin with your appearance—when choosing what to wear to a job interview you want to be taken as seriously as the job you are seeking. The following tips will help get you off to a great start.

5 Tips For What To Wear to a corporate job interview

Dress conservatively
A corporate job interview is not the time to be fashion-forward. Definitely wear a suit that’s either solid in color or has a very subtle pattern such as a muted Glen plaid. Save the sport coat for the more casual, non-professional job interview.

Long sleeve dress shirts are ALWAYS to be worn with suits. You can’t go wrong with white or ecru. Try a white-on-white shirt where a small, white pattern is evident in the solid white fabric. It’s smart looking and more unusual, just like you.

Conservative dress still rules. Choose a tie that’s not “busy.” It should pick up the color in the suit to complement it, not compete with it.

Socks and shoes
Match your socks to the color of your pants, not your shoes. You want to make yourself look taller by elongating your leg instead of raising the height of your shoes to look like boots! And make sure those leather dress shoes are polished!

Go easy on the cologne or after-shave! You’re going to an interview, not on a date.




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