Knowing what men should wear on a first date can make all the difference with that first impression. Your first date outfit can be a “make it” or “break it” moment. Here’s what you need to know.

What to wear on a first date…for men

Congrats! Your persistence has paid off and she has finally agreed to go out with you! Now you just have to come up with a first date outfit that’s just right for where you’re taking her. After all, first impressions are important and you want to make this a good one.

Most likely you’ll head out to some place casual. A wine bar, your favorite neighborhood hangout, an art gallery—Phoenix offers a ton of first date hot spots!

Man in jeans and green dress shirt tying shoes Article what to wear on a first date SW Wilson Clothiers Phoenix AZ

When deciding what to wear on your first date…

We’re going to say no to Khakis. They do go with everything but give off a prep school vibe.

Instead, go with dark well-fitting jeans that can be dressed up or down. Of course, we’re talking jeans in good condition—not those worn-out Mr. Fixit jeans that you wear around the house. Wear your “nice” jeans.

If you’re coming straight from work in a suit, ditch the coat and tie to dress down (a suit is more appropriate for future dates at special romantic restaurants).

Better yet, plan to wear dark dress pants and a sport coat that day then make a quick change into a knit collared shirt. It’ll look great with or without the jacket. Or throw a pair of jeans in the car…wearing jeans with a sport coat is quite in fashion.

man in sport coat and jeans for what to wear on a first date SW Wilson Clothiers Phoenix

When it comes to shirts, you can’t go wrong with a long sleeve button down shirt. Roll up the sleeves and leave the neck open for a casual look. Save the untucked look for later. If you’re hard to fit or just want something unique, go for a custom dress shirt that’s made according to your own measurements. You get to pick out all the design elements such as monograms, the type of collar, contrasting collars and cuffs—even the color of buttonhole thread! Further reveal a hint of your personality with one of many subtle patterns and colors. Remember, you don’t want to go too bold or this first impression may be your last.

Last tip: Just say no to a ton of cologne. Go for something very light and don’t use much. And don’t throw on aftershave on top of it. Strong cologne is a total turn-off. Trust us. Keep it fresh.




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