Not sure what color jacket to wear with khaki pants?

If navy is the first color that comes to mind when matching jackets with khaki pants, it’s time to get out of that rut!

Thank the Brits for introducing us to the color khaki. Originally it was a drab, light brown color suitable for military uniforms. Over the years it has evolved into an entire spectrum of light to dark tans for cotton or cotton blended casual pants. Today, khakis have an unbeatable versatility as a casual pant that looks quite sporty with an unstructured jacket.

Loro Piana Royal Blue | what color jacket to wear with khaki pants

Loro Piana Royal Blue Jacket  (65% cotton/29% Super 150’s wool/6% silk); $2700
Feel like royalty in this solid bright blue jacket from Loro Piana. A blend of cotton, Super 150’s wool and silk make it smooth to the touch and super lightweight—perfect for summertime. Wear it with medium to light khaki pants and a dress shirt and tie if you’re going for an upscale look.

Loro Piana Denim Herringbone | what color jacket to wear with khaki pants

Loro Piana Denim Herringbone (49% wool/30% silk/21% linen); $2750. 
Texture provides contrast with smooth fabrics like khaki. The linen in this denim herringbone blend from Loro Piana projects a rugged vibe for the adventurous soul.

LoroPiana Burgundy/Navy nail’s head jacket

Loro Piana Burgundy/Navy nail’s head (100% Superfine wool); $2400.
Still longing for some navy? Go subtle with an ever so slight pattern! Loro Piana hits the nail on the head (forgive the pun) with a burgundy/Navy nail’s head made of 100% Superfine wool. Pair with light tan bottoms for a classy look.

Loro Piana Grey/Blue Plaid Jacket

Loro Piana Grey/Blue Plaid (100% Superfine wool); $2400.
Jackets with patterns add pizzazz to khakis but make sure it’s a pattern that looks casual. You don’t want it looking like a suit coat! Loro Piana’s light grey plaid has just the right amount of different blues and cream to highlight a light colored khaki. Usually we advise a lighter jacket worn with darker pants but this plaid is an exception.

Regal Grey/Orange Plaid jacket

Regal Grey/Orange Plaid (100% wool Super 120’s); $1850.
The Regal Collection’s medium grey plaid has a hint of orange to create a subdued pattern that goes well with darker khakis. It’s a 100% wool/Super 120’s whose colors will easily extend into the fall season.

Regal Burgundy Plaid Jacket to wear with khaki pants

Regal Burgundy Plaid (100% wool/Super 120’s); $1850.
The Regal Collection offers another jacket that will take you into fall. The earthy color of this 100%/Super 120’s burgundy plaid is subdued yet still acceptable for spring and summer. It’s lightweight and very affordable at $1850.

Loro Piana Green Plaid Jacket

Loro Piana Green Plaid (100% Superfine Wool); $2400.
Black is considered a poor choice to wear with khakis—the contrast is just too severe. However, when used sparingly in this beautiful green plaid, it’s superb. Lighter khakis are definitely the way to go with this jacket.

Loro Piana Brown/Blue Plaid Jacket

Loro Piana Brown/Blue Plaid (49% wool/30% silk/21% linen); $2750
Got an active day ahead? Wear a t-shirt and medium to light brown khakis with this brown and blue plaid sport coat from Loro Piana’s Proposte Giacche collection. It’s a far cry from those drab brown military duds.

Regal Brown Check Jacket

Regal Brown Check (100% wool/Super 120’s); $1850
We love this brown mini check from our Regal Collection. It goes with most shades of khaki because of its multiple colors and looks manly with either a tee or open collar dress shirt.

When it comes to matching jackets with khaki pants, just remember these tips:

  • Stay away from black
  • Navy is traditional and more “preppy”
  • Brighter blues, light greys, burgundy, greens and browns go best
  • Choose casual patterns that don’t closely resemble suit coats
  • Textured jackets provide contrast to khaki’s smooth fabric
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