What to wear to a summer wedding in Phoenix

Stay cool while looking “hot” in summer wedding attire for Phoenix. It’s all about the right fabric and color choices. The venue always determines how formal the occasion will be and how many layers you are expected to wear.

Formal Wedding

Expect the wedding party to wear a dress code of black tie and white dinner jacket or dark colored tuxedo in a ballroom with a sit-down dinner or elegant buffet. A fresco or tropical weight wool tuxedo with peak lapels will survive easily in the air-conditioned venue. A crisp white dress shirt, pocket square and leather shoes are a must.

Semi-Formal Wedding

The dress code takes a step down in a semi-formal venue. No matter what the time of day, tuxedos are optional for the wedding party, although tuxes in shades of blue, gray or tan look stunning. Suits are totally acceptable (and practical) with light colored summer fabrics such as silk, linen blends or very fine wool—yes, we said “wool!”

Fabrics are classified into thread counts such as Super 100’s, Super 140’s, etc. The higher the number is the thinner the fiber, the better and more comfortable the fabric. No need to go higher than Super 150’s—it’s quite elegant yet wears better than a Super 170 that’s more expensive.

Keep in mind that fabrics come in different weights. You’d swelter in a suit that’s more than 11 ounces per yard. Lighter weights of 7-8.5 ounces are best for Phoenix’s extreme heat, while mid-weight fabrics of 9-10 ounces are fine to wear year round.

Casual Wedding

Casual weddings imply attire that’s as light and airy as the venue. Suits and jackets made of seersucker or blends of linen/cotton/silk are unstructured with half or no linings and no shoulder pads. Know that blends tend to wrinkle less than 100% cottons and silks.

When it comes to dress shirts, here is your chance to shine in a pastel made of a more loosely woven natural fiber such as linen. End on end fabrics are also extremely lightweight. At first glance it appears like any ordinary solid colored shirt. Upon closer inspection you’ll notice a texture created by one white thread and at least one colored thread running through it—just enough to spiff things up a bit. Whatever fabric you choose, go with an open shirt color for the ultimate casual, sporty look.

No matter how you dress for a summer wedding in Phoenix, you’ll sweat less by remembering to do the following things:

  • Use an antiperspirant instead of a deodorant that fights only odor.
  • Wear an undershirt to absorb sweat—it keeps it away from your dress shirt.
  • Splash water on your face to cool down your body temperature.
  • Go easy on the spicy food—it stimulates nerves that actually make you feel warmer!
  • Skip the caffeinated beverages and drink water in between alcoholic drinks. No need to get dehydrated and miss all the action!




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