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Why Bespoke Suits Are The Best | S.W. Wilson Custom Clothiers

When It Comes To Tailored Suits, Bespoke Suits Are The Best

Bespoke suits are the best suits for a number of reasons. As you may know, a bespoke suit is made from the ground up, meaning it is handmade and can take any material, any form and any shape. In the 16th century, the term bespeak acquired the meaning “to arrange or order in advance.” This is where the adjective bespoke came about, referring to clothes that were ordered before they were made.

Benefits of Bespoke Suits

It is important to note that a bespoke suit is not the same as a made-to-measure suit, where a pre-existing pattern is cut from a machine and adjusted for an improved fit. A bespoke suit caters to the taste of each and every buyer, at every step of the process.

Unbeatable Fit

Scabal Galaxy suit bespoke suits are the best

First and foremost, one of the most important benefits of a bespoke suit is their unbeatable fit. The tailor will take an endless number of measurements that pay special attention to aspects of your posture and physical shape –  crafting the most comfortable piece of outer wear for your specific body type. Bespoke suits are the best, creating a well-fitted suit that will hug your shoulders and create a clean, lump-less back.

One-of-a-kind Design

Gladson bespoke suits are the best with tequila custom suit linings

Bespoke suits are the best because they also offer the opportunity to create something totally one-of-a-kind, lending most of the creativity control to the customer. This isn’t just in regards to the shape and fit of the suit, but the material and design as well. After you choose the cloth, it is then cut in original patterns that are created based on design notes and measurements taken by your custom clothier. At SW Wilson Bespoke, we help guide you with experience and style knowledge so you feel comfortable pushing boundaries, but won’t go too far!

Guaranteed Durability

Scabal bespoke suits are the best

And last but not least, the LAST and LONGEVITY of a bespoke suit. A bespoke suit is made by 2-3 tailors, hand-stitched and specially crafted, creating a quality that will outlive anything that is mass-produced in a clothing factory. With proper care, these suits can last 20-30 years.


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