It’s more important than ever for working women to create a confident impression in the competitive workplace.

There must never be any doubt that you have the ability to succeed in a leadership role. There are numerous studies and articles written providing proof over and over again that women’s appearance in the workplace makes a tremendous difference in their success.  Being polished from head to toe is imperative.  From your hair and makeup to your custom suit, your male peers are paying attention and grade you on appearance.

There are 69M search results on Google of articles and published papers explaining why women should wear a skirted suit if they want to be successful, that include endless examples of what happens when you do and when you don’t.  Don’t be a maverick leaving your success at risk because you want to buck social norms. Instead of immediately feeling rebellious against the establishment, count it is as the uniform your wear for the battle you want to win. You can express yourself and wear whatever you want during your off hours.

Would you wear a suit?

How about if it were custom made from the most sumptuous fabric of your choosing, the fit and comfort were beyond your expectations and the design perfectly fit and flattered your figure?  It is possible to be comfortable in a rich, luxurious suit when it is custom made for you.

Consider the effect wearing an elegant suit has in a professional setting.  If you want to make a commanding and lasting impression, being perfectly tailored can make all the difference between looking like you’re an administrative staff member or a true leader in your organization.

Being professionally dressed additionally sets the standard for the staff in your office.

When a leader suits up, and is professionally dressed and put together, the staff follows that example. Generally, no additional dress code rules need to be put in place if the leader is setting the example for the professional dress in the office.

Dressing casually may have given the impression of success in the past in some industries, inferring that you don’t need to care about your appearance because you’re successful, but the subliminal message to the client or customer is a silent disrespect for the business you hope to gain from them. There is a subconscious impression that occurs when you are dressed professionally.  The way you carry yourself changes when you wear your custom made suit, because when you look amazing you convey more confidence.

You have set major goals and want to achieve new heights of success.

You develop your skill sets to reach your professional goals.  It’s time you begin to build the professional wardrobe that reflects the success you expect to achieve.

And because you’re incredibly busy, you’ll love the exceptional Concierge service a bespoke and custom tailor provides.  Some of the most successful community leaders in Greater Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tucson enjoy the concierge service that 3rd generation Master Tailor Steve Wilson provides for their custom made suits.

Steve will come to the place of your choosing to take your measurements, assist you in fabric selection and guide you in choosing the perfect design for your custom made suit.   What could be better?

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